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Upcoming Events

Ladies meeting
Monday April 15th
@ 6:30 pm
Contact: Tiffany Henry
@ 985-720-3922

Ladies Mission Statement:

The women of New Beginning Church, as daughters of The Most High, aim to encourage one another to grow in their knowledge, understanding, an application of Gods word. Our fellowship is a time and place where woman can be strengthened and uplifted. We're here to spread The Gospel and to show others the love of God. We are sisters in Christ, and we're determined to become what and who God intended us to be with the help of the Holy Spirit, and Grace of God.

Men's meeting

Wednesday April 17th

@ 6:30 pm

Contact: Joey Henry

@ 985-852-1943

Men's Mission Statement:

The men of New beginning Church aim to assume our responsibilities delegated in scripture, through following the example of the headship of Christ, faithful Bible Study, and consistent prayer to encourage, strengthen, build up, and lovingly provoke our fellow brethren unto good works,

Resurrection Sunday/
Palm Sunday celebration

You are welcome to join us for our Easter Sunday celebration on March 31st, beginning at 10:00 am. 

Next Restoration
Monday April 1st @ 6:30

For More Information
Contact: Dakota Fitch


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