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Senior Pastor

I have been serving as Senior Pastor here at New Beginning for more than 16 years. Prior to becoming Pastor in November 2001, I began my ministry as a drummer under my father’s ministry at Island Christian Fellowship.

After my parents went home to glory in 2001, I felt the Lord dealing with me to take the pastor’s position and follow in my dad’s footsteps.

I have been happily married to my lovely wife Leslie for 27 years. We have three handsome boys, Jonathan, Nathan, and Joel Parfait. 


A simple truth that changed my life and ministry is the day I heard Brother Swaggart and a panel of ministers discussing the message of the cross. During that discussion is when I heard the words that transformed my life and ministry: we're not talking about the wooden beam on which He hung upon, but the work He accomplished at Calvary's cross. The truth of what was accomplished through His body and His shed blood was not just the answer for some issues and select problems, but the answer to all issues and all problems. Conquering and becoming victorious over, sin, death, hell, and the grave!


So come and Join us as we continue to grow in grace, studying the message of the cross of Christ. Dig deeper, look closer, don't conform but transform to awaken the sleeping giant called the church.


Love in Christ, Pastor Nate.


Assistant Pastor

Late 1989, my call to preach became clear. God moved through a church service which was not uncommon to happen. When my Pastor Julius Parfait would call me to the pulpit saying God had told him I had something to say. What a night! And God did fill my mouth with beautiful Word of God, and fill the place with His marvelous presence. To my amazement I could see clearly the hand of God, a call of God was indeed on my life.


Many years passed from the first time I knew the touch of God was on my life. God led us to what would become The Father’s House Church. Dennis House was pastoring at the time. After making the transition from our former church. Thinking that I would just be a help to Pastor Dennis House. God had a plan! Late 1996, one night sitting to supper with Pastor Dennis and Wanda House a question was asked. Pastor House asked what I believed was my call to the body of Christ. I told him, I believe it’s to evangelize. Instantly, God spoke to my spirit and told me that He called me to pastor a church. I never shall forget that Night!  Soon God called Pastor Dennis and Wanda House to Welsh, Louisiana. God began to position Sarah and me as pastors of The Father’s House Church by February 1997 where we would serve for more than 22 years.


At the beginning of 2018, We began to hear the Lord’s voice about a change for the Father’s House. As the year progressed, it became apparent that this change was to join New Beginning for us to be one congregation, one church. The Word of the Lord just seemed to be louder and clearer that this was, in fact, God’s direction. On September 28 that merger became a reality.


New Beginning Church is a place where the pastors bear the touch of God, the care of God, and where the message of Christ and Him crucified is preached, and lived out on a daily basis. This a place where you will find a warm welcome and God’s great love for you and the whole family.

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